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SEN Drama Club


We are launching a project in April 2024 to provide more support to local families whose children have an additional need such as autism or ADHD.  We often support those who elect to home educate, or whose children are currently not attending school for any other reason.   

Our free SEN drama club runs weekly in Ash and we are always looking for new members interested in joining us.  Our drama group is fully inclusive for any teen/child of school age regardless of any additional learning needs.  It is also a lovely group for parents to meet weekly for a coffee and offload to other parents who "get it", to celebrate their child's achievements and to provide advice and empathy on the difficult days.  We arrange the following adaptations as standard but will always be flexible to a child's needs:

  • Specific costumes to avoid sensory overload from tickly labels or itchy fabrics

  • Alternatives to written scripts when written communication is a challenge

  • Solutions for noise sensitivity such as ear defenders, quiet zones, and a calm outdoor space if a break is needed

  • No expectation to sit quietly and listen for extended periods of time

  • Letting this project be youth-led so they can focus on their interests and express these through the arts

  • Valuing off-stage roles as much as on-stage roles (we have children as stage hands, lighting technicians, scenery painters etc.)

Please do contact us further using the form below if you have any questions or would like to register your interest in joining our group.

SEN Drama
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