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Our goal is to empower young people to achieve their full potential both academically, and then in the workplace. We believe that every young person deserves the opportunity to thrive, regardless of the challenges they face. Our support programs and initiatives focus on providing support, education, and resources to help young people build confidence, develop life skills, and make a difference in their community. We believe that when young people have the tools and resources they need to succeed, they can achieve their full potential and become the next generation of game changers

We have build an organisation based on a core belief that all young people should start on a more even footing.  We have recognised that many young people face significant barriers to accessing education and employment, and we wanted to offer a solution. We began by offering after-school tutoring to students who could not access their education fully, and quickly saw the impact that these programs were having. Students were not only improving their grades, but they were also gaining confidence, developing critical thinking skills, and discovering new interests and developing their passions.

Although a new organisation, we have grown to offer a range of educational programs, from revision sessions to job clubs to social events for young people. We are proud to work with people from diverse backgrounds and communities, and we are committed to ensuring that every young person has the opportunity to reach their full potential. Our team of dedicated staff and volunteers are passionate about equality, and work tirelessly to create engaging and innovative programs that inspire and empower disadvantaged or vulnerable young people.

Our Team

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